Strategies for involving databases in CI/CD Pipelines

February 21, 2018

The following post was originally shared on the Pythian Blog Pythian specializes in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for enterprise applications. Our customers call us when they are ready to decompose their monolithic codebases and we help them implement containerized microservices and speed up deployment. When we take on these projects, we are often asked the same question: How can we move our database changes as fast as our code changes? ... Read more

How do Machines Learn?

December 21, 2017

The following post was originally shared on the Pythian Blog Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are all terms that get thrown around a lot these days. While it’s easy to get into hair-splitting arguments about the distinctions between them, really they refer to the same thing: teaching machines to learn, think and convert data into knowledge. Harnessing machines’ massive computational capabilities will allow organizations to do deeper, broader analyses faster than ever before, automate processes with real intelligence, and make better decisions more confidently. ... Read more

Mnemonic as a Service

September 6, 2014

The mnemonic wordlist is fascinating Naming servers is fun. At my very first job, we used the names of deceased family members. I’ve seen simpsons characters, Greek and Indian gods, and long unpronounceable drug names (BAD IDEA). I mainly deploy in the cloud now, so I hadn’t really thought much about naming things for several years. At least until I found this fantastic guide from the nice folks at mnx. ... Read more

very small linux containers

September 5, 2014

These are my notes, but you can follow along. Since we sysadmins climbed from the primordial ooze of mainframes, we’ve been advocating for a one-to-one mapping of services to hosts. That makes things like security and updates easier. The problem is that computers are fantastically fast. When they’re only doing one thing, that generally means that they spend most of their time sitting around doing nothing. To take advantage of that time doing nothing, modern computers run hundreds of programs at once. ... Read more

More Help With Meetings

June 25, 2014

Tips to make meetings awesome After my last post about meetings I started talking to small teams about how to get started with a new culture of meetings. I’d like to sum up a few things that have helped them. 1. Change the routine Get up out of your chair! For a change of pace, have your next status meeting in the break room, or your next strategy session in the boss’s office. ... Read more

Be Very Good at Meetings

March 4, 2014

Alex’s rules for hosting meetings People leave every meeting with an itch. It’s either an itch to get away as fast as possible, or an itch to get to work. Which itch do you want? Several years ago, Marissa Mayer’s rules for meetings at Google garnered high praise for being efficient and leading to better productivity. I adapted them for my own meetings and loved the results. They’re worth reviewing. ... Read more

Spring is Coming and Bringing Hope

March 1, 2014

ЧЕСТИТА БАБА МАРТА (Happy Grandma March Day) In Bulgaria, the first of March is a celebration of the coming spring. It’s a time to of hope and a time of friendships rekindled. People seek out their friends and acquaintances to exchange simple bracelets of braided red and white thread. The colors symbolize health and happiness in the new year, but something else happens in the giving and receiving of “Мартенички”(Martenitsi). ... Read more

Use Your Whole Support System

February 26, 2014

Use your whole network As entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time networking to find clients, partners, and of course, deals. Each new person we meet has a story that we can learn from. Sometimes, we can even share advice or encouragement from our own experience. It’s a jungle out there and it’s easier to handle when we cooperate, share, and empathize with each other. With each new person we meet and try to help, we start to carry more of them around with us. ... Read more

Bulgarian and Erlang

August 5, 2013

I’m a traveler and a professional programmer. Both require constant learning and adaptation. Both require me to change the way I think rather frequently. And, both have taught me to embrace new perspectives. As a traveler, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend several years at a time living in various places. The most different for me so far was Bulgaria, and it started with the language. Bulgarian lacks a word for “fun”. ... Read more

Graph Any Django Model

June 26, 2013

In my django applications, I often find myself wanting to graph events per day. Take signups using the standard contrib.auth User model for example. It’s helpful to know how many people signed up each day last month and the month before. A graph is a quick way to get an impression of how my application is doing. I wrote a combination of python and javascript to make these graphs with flotcharts for any django model. ... Read more

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