More Help With Meetings

June 25, 2014

Tips to make meetings awesome After my last post about meetings I started talking to small teams about how to get started with a new culture of meetings. I’d like to sum up a few things that have helped them. 1. Change the routine Get up out of your chair! For a change of pace, have your next status meeting in the break room, or your next strategy session in the boss’s office. ... Read more

Be Very Good at Meetings

March 4, 2014

Alex’s rules for hosting meetings People leave every meeting with an itch. It’s either an itch to get away as fast as possible, or an itch to get to work. Which itch do you want? Several years ago, Marissa Mayer’s rules for meetings at Google garnered high praise for being efficient and leading to better productivity. I adapted them for my own meetings and loved the results. They’re worth reviewing. ... Read more

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